Books By: T.D Ward 

Brazen Virgin 

(A MFM polyamory Romance)

I haven’t been here long but I'm still slightly disappointed. Besides the man candy behind the bar who’s obviously only interested in my agent-slash-friend, Eve, there are just below-average guys and show-offs left.

I’m about to turn back around and complain to Eve that this adventure might just be a bust and suddenly, there’s a small lull in the crowd near the pool tables situated at the opposite end of the biker bar from Eve and I. My heart completely misses a beat when I see THEM.

Those two muscular, denim-clad Adonis' standing by themselves with the pool table between them are insanely gorgeous, and before I know what's happening, I'm on my feet and heading toward the two biker-looking-gods who I'm determined to give my virginity.


Summer is a virgin erotic novelist whose books lack the inferno she needs to create a great page-turner. Seeking to fix her dilemma, Summer drags her agent to a biker bar and decides that the two massive biker gods playing pool in the back are the perfect men to teach her everything she wants to know.

This wild child is ready to lose her last shred of innocence, but losing her heart to these two men was never on the table.... or was it?

Warning: This story is pure unadulterated filth and an MFM polyamory scorcher with the right dose of romantic sweetness to soothe your burning tongues. it contains an instant love trope, and a HEA is guaranteed

Solace in Makarska 

(A Contemporary Second-chance Romance)

Sage has always loved Alex since the moment they met five years ago during college, but when her younger sister brings home the love of her life and claims him as her boyfriend, Sage attempts to push all thoughts of loving Alex to the side. She is completely unaware that he will be the only person she has left to rely on when a tsunami strikes Makarska. Alex has only ever wanted one thing out of life: to make Sage his. When her younger sister, Nadine, and their mother hatch a plan to make Sage jealous enough to notice him while tricking her into thinking Nadine, and he are dating, he’s reluctant to agree. He knows this plan is wrong, but Alex will stop at nothing, including traversing all the way to a private island to get Sage to finally admit that the love they have between them still burns as brightly as it did in their college days before the event that tore them apart. This book may be a short story, but if you're looking for a feel-good romantic comedy with just the right amount of spice, look no further than Solace in Makarska. 

Warning: This story is a fast burner with the right dose of sweetness to warm your heart. HEA is guaranteed.