Dark Romance

The Ritual: A Dark College Romance

by Shantel Tessier

Hey, Villalee Here!

First of all, wow!!!!!!!

This book has everything. 

A crazy secret society. Lords and Ladies and wealthy elites who are like sexy alpha spies that have an addiction for dominating the woman they crave.

 I am an avid dark romance reader, so of course, crazy-ass Ryat had my heart since day one of his initiations. Ryat practically oozed B.D.E (Big dick energy) like the boss he is. 

This book is violent, sinfully sexy, and will have you panting for more while you question your sanity. But on the other hand, the author has written this complex book so perfectly that I couldn't resist binge-reading this book in one night.  

I highly recommend this book with the highest praise, but I won't lie; if you have never read a dark romance novel before, then the themes in this book will blow you on your backside.

Her Soul to Take (Souls Trilogy) 

by Harley Laroux